Some Notes for Smoke and PYRO

Learning PYRO in Houdini is not an easy task. Unlike the SOP, it is established based on the real physic model. For a better understanding of how PYRO works, We have to know what is behind the scene.

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Pre-tranform, Parenting and More

Recently I faced a problem when I was playing with the parenting of Geometry node in Houdini. I thought it wouldn't be a big deal at the beginning. However, the contents behind this node are much more than I expected.

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C++ 内存分配作业解析

内存管理是 C++ 最令人切齿痛恨的问题,也是 C++ 最有争议的问题,C++ 高手从中获得了更好的性能,更大的自由,C++ 菜鸟的收获则是一遍一遍的检查代码和对 C++ 的痛恨,但内存管理在 C++ 中无处不在,内存泄漏几乎在每个 C++ 程序中都会发生,因此要想成为 C++ 高手,内存管理一关是必须要过的。

该作业是在 Boolan 的 C++ 系列课程中遇到的,作业的内容主要涉及 C++ 中的各种类型对象在内存中是如何存储的概念。比起常见的作业实现,这个作业更偏理论;所以这里记载下自己的思路,以便于以后参考。

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